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Hemmant Flexible Learning Centre

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History and Philosophy

 Location - 56 Hemmant-Tingalpa Rd, Hemmant, QLD        07 3914 5116


The Hemmant Flexible Learning Centre (HFLC) has been established in consultation with the local community to support young people disengaged from mainstream schooling. The Centre offers a program that focuses on engaging young people with complex needs and encourages participation and active learning in a supported and connected way. Together with the local community and allied agencies we aim to provide a learning environment that promotes confidence, ability, opportunity and optimism for all young people attending. Typically young people attending are high school aged, 13-17 yrs. Staff and young people work cooperatively at Hemmant FLC to develop Personal Learning Plans identifying individual educational needs and setting personal goals.

Who are we?

The Youth + Flexible Learning Centres (FLCs) seek to respond to the needs of young people disenfranchised and disengaged from education. They provide a place and an opportunity to re-engage in a suitable, flexible learning environment. Youth + FLCs seek to build honest and authentic relationships with young people, their families and communities, supporting and celebrating the uniqueness and dignity of each person.

How do we work?

The concept of "common ground" applies to all who choose to participate in a Youth + FLC. Adults and young people alike commit to participate in a learning environment that is democratic, relational and operates through key principles.

Relationships at a Youth + FLC are based on a respect for personal dignity and recognition of difference. An emphasis is placed on the peaceful resolution of conflict and spirituality is recognised as a universal human experience. Within this understanding of spirituality is the belief that all individuals are unique and gifted.

Rather than having rules, a Youth + FLC uses principles which are agreed upon (common ground) as a basis for respectful social engagement amongst the FLC community.


The four common ground principles utilised by the Youth+ FLCN are:



• SAFE and LEGAL, and







Where are we?

Situated in the former Hemmant State School site, the Hemmant Flexible Learning Centre is next door to the Hemmant railway station making it easy for young people to access

Our address is

56 Hemmant-Tingalpa Rd

PO Box 7164

Hemmant Q 4174

Ph 39145116

Fax 33939297

Contact Details

Hemmant FLC Staff

Matt Hawkins
Head of Campus
M: 0414 272 798
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Lyn Dagis
Administration Support
M) 0427242822
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