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St Joseph's, Alice Springs Flexible Learning Centre - Learning Choices

Relevant and Responsive Learning Choices

Learning begins with awareness of people's circumstances and an ability to create a learning framework which is relevant and responsive. As well, a responsive learning framework will incorporate the necessary challenge for transformation and development of the person. Learning Choices within a Flexible Learning Centre are constructed. It emerges from openness, negotiation, experimentation and the interaction of mindsets which seek the common good of the young person

within a context of individual skills and potential. Learning Choices are designed and implemented not to disadvantage young people but to build upon and pay respect to the capitals young people bring to the learning community. The Learning Choice framework must also be congruent with professional practice and community expectations. Learning Choices encompass literacy and numeracy skills, rich humanity key learning areas, vocational and employment focused outcomes, sport and recreation activities, relationship development and community participation. Therefore an appropriate skill base to enable the individual to take part meaningfully with social and employment situations will be fostered. This model correlates with the Australian Core Skills Framework where content covers key learning areas and is credentialed against National VET standards and Territory based accreditations.