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History and Philosophy

In May 2010, Superintendent Tonya Carew APM OAM, from the Oxley District of the Queensland Police Service (QPS) approached Youth +, Edmund Rice Education Australia (EREA) as she was interested in establishing a flexible learning program for disenfranchised youth in the Inala community. Her motivation was to break the cycle of young people being excluded from mainstream school, offending, entering the juvenile justice system, being released, re-engaging in mainstream school and being excluded again. Furthermore, she recognised that many of the young people from Inala community were disenfranchised from mainstream education. As a result, in July 2010, a Memorandum of Understanding was established between Commissioner Robert Atkinson of the QPS and Dale Murray the National Director of Youth + to establish a flexible learning outreach. Almost immediately, this outreach was created as an annex of the Albert Park Flexible Learning Centre in a space provide by the Inala Police Citizens Youth Club (PCYC). QPS supported the program with the fulltime secondment of a Police Officer to work in a support capacity only.

Recently, the Non-State Schools Accreditation Board granted the Inala Flexible Learning its secondary school accreditation and thus the original flexible learning outreach formally became a school. In conjunction with this accreditation Youth +/EREA secured a twenty year lease which the Inala FLC currently operates from.
From its humble beginnings, of three staff and nine students it has grown to seven staff and a projected enrolment for August 2013 of fifty-five. The Inala FLC community is also looking forward to refurbishing its site at 79 Poinsettia St, Inala.

Inala Flexible Learning Centre is an Edmund Rice Education school that offers educational pathways for students who do not wish to access mainstream schools for a variety of reasons.

The school program aims to provide students with numeracy, literacy, social and life skills. Relationships and value building are most important and focus on the 4 principles of Respect, Participation, being Fair Dinkum (Honest) and being Safe & Legal.

We report using the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF). This provides a rich, detailed picture of real- life performance in adult learning, english language, literacy and numeracy. There are 5 levels beginning at level 1 and finishing at level 5 for each of the Core Skills.


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