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Xavier Flexi Schools Network Principal's Introduction

Xavier Flexi Schools Network in 2015 comprises five separately registered Non State Schools; the Mount Isa Flexible Learning Centre (85 young people), the Townsville Flexible Learning Centre (145 young people), the Ipswich Flexible Learning Centre (96 young people), the Inala Flexible Learning Centre (63 young people) and the Centre Education Programme (129 young people). The numbers above indicate the number of young people engaging with the site program as of February 2015.

Why the name Xavier? The name Xavier recognizes a great Saint of the Church, the enormous contribution of the Christian Brothers to education generally throughout Queensland and the vision and courage of the Brothers to respond to the contemporary needs of young people disenfranchised from education. St Francis Xavier was the patron Saint of the former Christian Brothers Queensland province. St Francis Xavier (1505-1552) was born in Spain and was co-founder of the Jesuits, a teacher and a missionary in India, Indonesia, China and Japan. Following this inspiration it was in Queensland where the Brothers travelled long distances and worked, at one time, from the South East corner and throughout regional Queensland in more than thirty schools. It was the Xavier Province which commenced the Centre Education Programme in 1987 and started four more Flexible Learning Centres in 2006 before the commencement of Edmund Rice Education Australia in 2007.

The aim of the Flexible Learning Centres (FLC's) is to respond to the complex needs of young people who have been marginalised from mainstream education. Each school achieves its aim by building honest and authentic relationships with young people and their families, supporting and celebrating the uniqueness and dignity of each individual young person. FLC's provide holistic learning experiences that address the social needs of young people and promote their emotional, cognitive, spiritual and academic development. The purpose of the learning experiences is to empower young people to take personal responsibility for their actions and learning, achieve greater autonomy and self-reliance and to engage in the transition to further education and/or employment.

Today the Xavier Flexi Schools Network caters for over 500 students (aged between 12 and 20 years of age) offering them an exciting and diversified curriculum designed to encourage and support re-engagement with the education system.