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Ipswich Flexible Learning Centre

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History and Philosophy

Ipswich Flexible Learning Centre (IFLC) is an educational space that aims to respond to and support young people who experience complexities in their life as they choose to reengage in education. Initially IFLC was established as part of Edmund Rice Education, 'It's up to you' Outreach Program. This program offered opportunities to build trusting relationships and educational pathways for young people of Ipswich wanting to reengage in flexible learning choices. The start of 2012 saw IFLC moving to its current location at Milford Place as an accredited school within Edmund Rice Education Australia - Youth+.

Since it's inception IFLC has provided young people with a safe and supportive environment to reengage in socially inclusive education.  A commitment by young people and adults to the operation by principles of Respect, Honesty, Participation and Safe and Legal, has created a holistic learning environment offering relevant and meaningful learning choices to young people. Social and emotional needs of young people are recognised and young people are supported to develop key academic skills. Young people are empowered to develop autonomy in their own lives and take responsibility for their learning and educational goals.



Ipswich Flexible Learning Centre offers an inclusive and holistic learning environment, which aims to promote the educational goals and wellbeing of young people. It provides numerous educational opportunities for young people including:

-        Literacy and Numeracy

-        Vocational Educational and Training Course

-        Practical hands-on experiences

-        Community participation within key services of Ipswich including PCYC, ICYS and Kambu

-        Life Skills

-        Preparation for the future including Resume Writing, Interview Skills and Work Experience

-        Support for young peoples' health and wellbeing.


Postal Adress:  
1 Queen Victoria Parade

                            IPSWICH QLD 4305

Street Adress:   Corner of Queen Victoria Parade & Milford Place

                            IPSWICH QLD 4305


Contact Details

Office/ Adminstration:
 07 3281 2565 or 0448 335 443

Office Hours8.30am - 3.30 pm.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Head of Campus: David Harrison