Schools & Services

School Chaplains and Student Welfare Workers

The Following EREA Youth+ Flexible Learning Centres received funding under the Commonwealth Government's National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Worker Program for 2012-2014 :

  • St Joseph's North Melbourne Flexible Learning Centre
  • Townsville Flexible Learning Centre
  • Geraldton Flexible Learning Centre
  • Mt Isa Flexible Learning Centre
  • St Joseph's Alice Springs Flexible Learning Centre
  • Gympie Flexible Learning Centre
  • Deception Bay Flexible Learning Centre
  • Noosa Flexible Learning Centre
  • Ipswich Flexible Learning Centre
  • Albert Park Flexible Learning Centre
  • The Centre Education Programme Flexible Learning Centre

The student Welfare Workers provide a level of support that is integrated in each school's student well-being practices and culture. The workers themselves are qualified; Youth Workers ( Cert IV- Degree level), social workers, psychologists, teachers, spiritual directors and their role within the Student Welfare Worker Programme is characterised as primarily being present to young people within the school community in a way that attempts to stand apart from the common, busy, more task-focused roles that are essential within schools.

This being present is generally centred around a range initiatives and programmes, i.e. induction groups for students new to the school, preparing and sharing food, young mothers groups, music, art, justice groups, sport, outdoor adventure based learning programmes, building community within school and with parents/carers and the wider local community.