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Marlene Moore Schools Network Principal's Introduction

."Marlene Moore was prepared to go 'one step beyond' because she had a vision and a

dream about young people which she wanted to nourish and share"

Terry Kingston


The schools in our network: Albert Park FLC (Milton), Deception Bay FLC, Noosa FLC, and

Gympie FLC, strive to embody the Youth+ principles of RESPECT, PARTICIPATION, SAFE &



At their heart, these schools have an ethos that is inclusive, just, relevant to its time and

centred in the social justice framework of the Catholic Church. For many who attend,

it is their sole connection with community and becomes a place to participate in the

acquisition of common global values based on four principles of operation.



Why Marlene Moore?

Marlene was a wonderful and inspirational key worker in the very first Edmund Rice

Education Youth+ Flexible Learning Centre. She embodied the spirit that continues to

live on in these nurturing, supportive and loving learning communities. Marlene Moore

showed that it is never too late to re-engage in and continue your education even when

to do so involves strength, resilience and work to overcome the conditions that society

and others impose on you. She devoted her life to enriching the lives and realising the

potential of those she served both in her family and in her community.



Marlene Moore (nee Willmot) was a strong and determined Aboriginal woman who faced and overcame significant adversity in her life. She was born in 1945, the seventh of eight children and a member of the Wakka Wakka people of Gayndah in Queensland. One of the Stolen Generation, Marlene, at only two years of age, along with her brothers and sisters, was taken from her mother and relocated in the Cherbourg Mission. She was kept at Cherbourg until she was approximately 15 years of age and was then sent out to work as a domestic. Despite her considerable academic potential (eg Honours in the 1956 National Sunday School Exam, Junior A section), during her decade at Cherbourg, she only received the equivalent of a Grade 3 education
and was trained in domestic duties. From 1969, Marlene and her husband Ray Moore raised their family, mostly in the Brisbane area and moved to Logan in 1975. When her children were all at school, Marlene decided to return to study at Kangaroo Point TAFE College (now part of Southbank Institute of Technology), where she completed studies in Welfare. She also went on to complete early childhood studies through the Creche and Kindergarten Association. With these tertiary qualifications and a strong motivation to help her people, community and family, Marlene spent much of her later life working with various groups and organisations to improve human services within the Logan area.These roles included work within:
the Aboriginal Medical Centre, the Logan Creche and Kindergarten Association, the Burragah School, Youth and Family Services (YFS), and the Logan Brothers and Sisters organisation. Marlene was appointed Indigenous
Liaison Worker within Centre Education where she also worked as live-in caretaker. Her last few years were
spent proudly working as the Indigenous Liaison Officer at Logan Hospital. Marlene passed away in 1995 aged 50.

"She touched many lives and she filled our lives with colour and joy. ... She lived her life in technicolour – it was full of drama and adventure, laughter and loudness but also gentleness and love. ... She was interested in everyone and invariably made veryone feel so special."

Terry Kingston, Founding Principal Centre Education.