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Gympie Flexible Learning Centre - Learning Choices

Gympie FLC is based on a student centred approach to
teaching and learning. Our focus is holistic and facilitates young people to
develop socially, emotionally, spiritually and academically.

There is a diversity of learning choices available at Gympie
FLC. We provide secondary educational options for both middle school and senior
school developed from the National Curriculum and the Queensland Studies
Authority. We also offer a diversity of elective options including, woodwork,
cooking, music (including drumming, guitar, singing, DJ, Rapping, techno,
keyboards) and VET.

We operate with small learning groups. These are mixed aged
cohorts and are clustered according to the young person's needs and objectives.
Our structure allows us to be extremely flexible and adaptable to the changing
needs of a developing individual or group. We have a strong emphasis on choice
and taking ownership and responsibility for our actions in all facets of