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Deception Bay Flexible Learning Centre - Learning Choices

Learning Choices

The aim of the Deception Bay Flexible Learning Centre is to respond to the complex needs of disenfranchised young people who have been marginalised from mainstream education. The Deception Bay Flexible Learning Centre provides holistic learning experiences that address the social needs of students, and promotes their emotional, cognitive, spiritual and academic development. The purpose of the learning experiences is to empower young people to take personal responsibility for their actions and learning, achieve greater autonomy and self-reliance and to engage in the transition to further education and/or employment.
Students are enrolled from a variety of language, cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds, with particular sensitivity to Indigenous culture, and from backgrounds of socio-economic disadvantage. Students are exposed to learning experiences that develop understanding and appreciation of diverse cultural values that constitute Australian society. Learning is focused around the individual needs of students and progress is documented and monitored. Students, in conjunction with their teachers, youth workers and education support workers, discuss career aspirations and draft learning plans with articulated pathways to further education and/or vocational education and training.

Deception Bay Flexible Learning Centre provides extensive opportunities for students to participate in co curricular activities at their level and within their areas of interest. Participation is encouraged. The broad range of opportunities or choices for students includes activities that are described as cultural, sporting, intellectual and or service related.

Afternoons and Friday morning program electives give young people an opportunity to engage across year levels in activities including Dance, Gardening, Cooking, Skate „n‟ BMX, Board Games, Krafty Katz, Sport, Art & Craft, Hospitality, Workshop,Avago, Tutorials, Music recording and Instrumental Music.