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Building the Cubby house
Building the Cubby house
Planting out the garden
Planting out the garden
Celebration and Remembrance
Celebration and Remembrance
Slaughter Falls
Slaughter Falls

History and Philosophy

1 Hale Street, Brisbane - 07 3071 9010

Albert Park Flexible Learning Centre (APFLC) began in 1990 at the Albert Park Amphitheatre as an education initiative by the Brisbane City Council for homeless young people. It was founded by Gwen Zietch.  In 2000 the Albert Park Flexi School (as it was then known) moved to the Lady Bowen Building in Spring Hill and finally to its current location at 1 Hale Street Brisbane in 2004. Albert Park Flexible Learning Centre became a registered school through Edmund Rice Education in 2006 and is now part of Edmund Rice Education Australia, a national and unified network of Australian schools and educational entities.

Albert Park Flexible Learning Centre is a community founded on the principles Rights, Respect, Relationship, Responsibility and Safe and Legal. Young people are central to their education and are consulted in all decisions affecting their education and attendance.
Albert Park Flexible Learning Centre is a co-educational learning community catering for young people between 15 and 25 years of age. Albert Park Flexible Learning Centre offers a families program and young parents are welcome and encouraged. Young people are enrolled in either year 11 or 12 and are registered for the Queensland Certificate of Education through the Queensland Studies Authority.
Albert Park currently has enrolments of 130 young people supported by 13 on-site staff, partner organisations and volunteers.


Albert Park Flexible Learning Centre offers formal qualifications in English, Maths, Performance, Living Skills, Music and Art.
Through partnerships with other organisations APFLC offers various certificates and activities. Albert Park FLC offers onsite access to Centrelink, Brisbane Youth Service, Indigenous Youth Health Services Clinic, Community Connections, Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal Service and Young Parents Program.
Through PCYC Lang Park, Albert Park offers basketball and health and fitness activities. These are complimented through the Specialist Outdoor Education activities provided through Youth +.
Albert Park FLC has a Student Welfare Worker and a ministry of food. This is supported through volunteers who also assist in tutoring, child minding and project based work.
Transition from Albert Park to further education, including TAFE and University study is supported as is the transition to the work force. Local business offer work experience and information, traineeships and school based apprenticeships.


Albert Park Flexible Learning Centre
1 Hale Street
Qld 4000


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