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Youth+ EREA is committed to ensure that all Catholic schools in the Edmund Rice tradition are safe and enriching environments for young people. We believe that protecting young people from harm is fundamental to maximizing their personal and academic potential and spiritual development. Any form of harm caused to children by persons in positions of trust and authority is a serious matter and will not be tolerated.

Youth+ EREA has policies, student protection strategies and procedures in place to ensure young people who are at risk of/or are experiencing harm receive an immediate and appropriate response to their situation.

Youth+ EREA has a comprehensive student protection policy which covers the responsibilities of staff and actions to be taken if a member of staff or a parent becomes aware of/or reasonable suspects that harm has been done to a young person at a Youth+ service by other staff, other young people or persons external to the school.

Part of our policy includes a specific Complaints process that allows anyone (staff, parents or carers) to follow if they believe anyone within EREA Youth+ is believed to not be following the Child/Student Protection processes outlined.

The full EREA Northern Region Student Protection Policy is in the following link along with a separate link to the Complaints procedure and form.


More Information please contact Laura on 0448 115 853


Click here for the Full Student-Child Protection Policy

Click here for the for the Complaints Procedure and Form