Research Advocacy Partnerships


Youth+ has emerged by responding to invitation from communities seeking opportunities for disengaged young people. The response begins a dialogue with community and can culminate in partnerships that combine to provide young people with a place and aopportunity to re-engage ia suitable, flexible learning.

Our partnerships include;

  • Universities – Research Programs
  • Catholic Education Commission and Offices Nationally
  • State and Territory Juvenile Justice Departments
  • Landlords
  • Local Government
    • youth strategy
    • welfare support
    • infrastructure lease
  • State and Territory Governments
    • Special Assistance Schools Funding
    • Service Agreements
    • Education Queensland providing seconded staff
    • Infrastructure support (SASP funding)
    • Recurrent support
    • Child and Youth Mental Health Support
  • Donors - clubs, philanthropists etc
  • Business Relationships
    • the Red Cross RTO
    • CentreLink
    • IT provision
  • Commonwealth Government
    • Traineeships
    • RTO compliance
    • Recurrent Funding
    • Indigenous funding
    • BER and DER funding
  • Non Government Organisation's (NGO)
    • Youth agencies
    • Out Of Home Care Providers
    • Indigenous Agencies