Schools & Services

Flexible Learning

Youth+ services offer flexible learning choices characterised by a focus on:

  • Individual needs of young people
  • Developing a learning community
  • Learning that is critically reflective
  • Promoting a culture of success.

A fundamental component of flexible learning is an emphasis on relationship development. Complementing this process is the provision of a values and relationship education program which draws on the common ground principles and relates to the life experiences of young people.


The services educational approach of flexible timetabling, smaller learning groups, strong staff/young people relationships and relevant curriculum enables the delivery of creative teaching responses to individual young people's learning needs, incorporating their cultural and spiritual backgrounds.


Learning experiences are holistic and address the social and emotional needs of young people, promote well being, and develop cognitive and academic skills. Learning experiences are also linked to educational outcomes of state, territory and national curriculum frameworks in middle school and senior subjects in addition to nationally accredited vocational education and training courses.


The purpose of a Youth+ learning community is to empower young people to take personal responsibility for their actions and learning, enhance well being, achieve greater autonomy and self-reliance, to engage in the transition to further education and/or employment and to negotiate positive steps to adulthood.